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Adobe Springs Olive Oil comes from a fifth-generation, solar-powered family farm in Shandon, CA.  Using the farm’s own natural spring water, our olives are grown using an old fashioned natural approach to farming.  NO CHEMICALS ARE EVER USED!   Not even certified organic chemicals.  We use natural means to deal with the few pests we have.

Our blend of olive trees were especially chosen to produce exceptional oil and our olives are handpicked and estate cold-pressed to extra-virgin quality, thereby producing a wonderful, fruity tasting and nourishing oil.  Excellent for both dipping and cooking, it is a culinary delight as well as the base for our OluvSkin skincare products.

We are an innovative company dedicated to making the world a better place. Adobe Springs Olive Oil and OluvSkin® maintain sustainable, fair trade and eco-friendly standards with a portion of profits going back into the community.


 Adobe Springs Olive Oil is created from a blend of  Leccino, Frantoio, Maurino, Pendolino, Manzanillo and Mission olives.

To guarantee freshness and taste our olives  are naturally grown, handpicked, 100% extra virgin, estate-cold-pressed and bottled only when sold.

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